Shepherd Links – 5/25

Prophet Links Top Ten Ways to Make Your Preaching Clearer Getting Through a Preaching Slump “I’m no expert on either preaching or getting out of slumps. But doodling tonight, I thought of six things that might help.” Luther on Preaching “A young overwhelmed preacher complained to Luther that preaching was too heavy a burden for […]

Shepherd Links – 3/30

Prophet Links 8 Reasons We Preach There are so many factors involved. I don’t want to ponder issues of pay (many preachers receive less than minimum wage for what they are doing). I don’t want to dwell on inappropriate motivations, even if they are significant for some. I will just mention some of them in passing. Let’s […]

Shepherd Links – 3/23

Prophet Links 12 Types of Sermon Introductions A quick video from David Murray that is sure to help you avoid getting stuck early in your sermon writing. Beware These Preaching Shortcuts From Erik Raymond “We like shortcuts assuming that they get us to where we are trying to go. If they do not then they […]

A Big Announcement and Shepherd Links – 3/16

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to let you know that I will be making a transition in pastoral roles this April. After almost five years of serving as Jr. High Pastor at College Church, I will be taking on the role of Pastor for Gospel Community at Chapel Hill Bible Church in North Carolina. By God’s […]

Shepherd Links – 3/2

I’ve got a busy weekend, so I’m posting titles sans previews. But trust me, these are links you are going to want to click. Prophet Links Top 200 Preaching Resources Awesome collection from David Murray (longtime readers of this blog will recognize several!). We MUST Be Theologians 7 Ways to Do a Bad Word Study […]

Shepherd Links – 2/23

Prophet Links Why the Afterlife Bores Us From Russell Moore: “We’re glad we’re not going to hell or to oblivion. But most of our songs and sermon mentions are about that first few moments in heaven: when we see Jesus, when we’re reunited with our loved ones, and so on. It’s like the happy ending […]

Shepherd Links – 2/16

Prophet Links Why Study Church History? Getting Beyond American-Evangelical Amnesia From Don Sweeting: “Our culture disposes us to a short term memory. We’re a relatively young nation. We are present-oriented. And when it comes to the past, we have amnesia.  Sadly, American Evangelicalism does not escape these trends. So what’s the benefit of studying history?  It’s […]

Shepherd Links – 2/2

Prophet Links 5 Reasons Why Christians Need to Hear the Gospel From David Murray: “In his opening chapter of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, Sidney Greidanus lists five reasons for preaching Christ today.” Preaching to the Collective Heart From Tim Keller: “Recently, a couple of books and websites have referenced me as a good example […]

Shepherd Links – 1/26

Prophet Links On the Necessity of Theological Courage From Owen Strachan and Andrew Walker: “Theological courage, you might say, is God’s truth addressed not only to the academy, but the public world. This includes the central gathering place of this world, where ideas are debated and strategies for change vie for adoption: the public square. But […]

Shepherd Links – 1/19

Prophet Links Chapter Outlines and Summaries on Greg Beale’s “A New Testament Biblical Theology” 5 Ways of Understanding Biblical Theology 5 Factors in the Rise of Reformed Theology Among African Americans Priest Links Ten Things Church Members Desire in a Pastor How Do We Know if God Is Disciplining Us? 5 Necessary Elements for an Evangelism […]

Shepherd Links – 1/12

Prophet Links 50% off Westminster Book Store’s Best Sellers of 2012 Several great picks here. I’m glad I haven’t picked up Dangerous Calling, A Puritan Theology, or When Helping Hurts yet! (Though, now I have.) How to Preach the Gospel from Every Part of the Bible The author points out five types of “gospel” passages: 1) explicitly gospel-shaped, 2) […]

Shepherd Links – 1/5

Prophet Links The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation From the latest edition of Themelios: “None of us will likely have the influence of Augustine or Luther or Bonhoeffer. But our writing still matters. It matters because it can help us to make progress in our own hearts and minds. So as an exercise in […]

Shepherd Links – 12/23

This is a pure King Links edition of of Shepherd Links. I’ve come across several helpful articles on leadership and productivity – an unsurprisingly popular topic as we change calendars. I hope they help you get your new year off to a solid start. King Links Why Leaders Need Managers From Barnabas Piper: “A false dichotomy […]

Top 10 Posts from 2012 at Pastoralized

I’ve seen a lot of growth in the blog during 2012, so to all of you who have read, shared, linked to, and emailed my posts this year: thank you! In case you missed them – or would like to reread them – here is a list of the top ten articles at Pastoralized in […]

A Week Off of Shepherd Links

It’s been a busy week for me, so I’m taking a break from Shepherd Links. They’ll back and ready for action next Saturday!

Shepherd Links – 12/8

Prophet Links 2012 Annual Review of the Year’s Best Books for Preachers A thorough article by Al Mohler: “The past year has seen the release of hundreds of titles that should be of interest to Christian preachers. We will look at an assortment of these with an eye to the needs of the pastor, especially […]

Shepherd Links – 12/1

Prophet Links Top 10 Books on Biblical Studies in 2012 from Andreas Kostenberger Some items to add to your Christmas list if you haven’t picked these volumes up yet. Priest Links How to Share Your Christian Testimony From Chris Castaldo: “Communicating an answer for our redemptive hope requires a variety of approaches, one of which—an […]

Shepherd Links – 11/24

Prophet Links How Do You Define Preaching? From Thabit Anyabwile “Recently I had the privilege of delivering the John Reed Miller Lectures at Reformed Theological Seminary. We entitled the lecture series “Faithful Preaching in an Age of Corinthian Thinking.” As you can imagine, we tried to put forth an apostolic understanding of preaching while pushing back […]

Shepherd Links – 11/17

Prophet Links New Studies in Dogmatics—A New 15-Volume Series in Constructive Theology Looks to be a great series: “Today Zondervan announced a major 15-volume project in constructive theology. The series is called New Studies in Dogmatics and is edited by Michael Allen (Knox Theological Seminary) and Scott R. Swain (Reformed Theological Seminary). Download flyer. The volumes will […]

Shepherd Links – 11/10

Prophet Links What Does an Evangelistic Sermon Look Like? Don’t forget to preach to the unbelievers in your congregation. A.T. Robertson: Scholar, Professor, Churchman A fantastic list of quotes sure to stoke your passion for gospel ministry. Hat Tip to Trevin Wax. Priest Links Finding a Better Way for Mercy Ministry Programs? Organic? Or is there […]

Shepherd Links – 11/3

Prophet Links Brothers, We Are not Professors We are, compared to our Puritan fathers, ignorant shepherds leading sensate sheep in a dry and dusty land. Surely what we need then is more thought, more scholarship, more earnest hours spent pouring over the ancients in our studies. Right? Ten Reasons for Expository Preaching by E.K. Bailey (The title […]

Shepherd Links – 10/20

Prophet Links The Problem with Misinterpreting Wisdom Literature Church friends quietly whispered about Jill’s parents’ failure to raise a good child. After all,Proverbs 22:6 says, “Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” If Jill departed, it must mean her parents failed. Good parenting in; […]

Shepherd Links – 10/13

Prophet Links A Landmark Book: The First Puritan Systematic Theology Justin Taylor whets your appetite for “the largest and most comprehensive exposition to date on the theology of the English Puritans.” Works of Jonathan Edwards for iPhone and iPad “The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University is pleased to announce the official Works of Jonathan Edwards […]

Shepherd Links – 10/6

Prophet Links The Bible for Bloggers What biblical principles should guide Christian bloggers? I am increasingly thinking about this question because maintaining the mission and reputation of the institution I lead increasingly requires me to respond quickly and frequently to questions, assertions, and criticisms from the unjuried world of the blogosphere. Pride in the Pulpit When I […]

Shepherd Links – 9/29

Prophet Links Mood Preaching, Not Moody Preaching Here’s a good quote. Reality Check: The “Jesus’ Wife” Coptic Fragment When the circus leaves town, what have we got? Below are some facts, some probabilities, and some possibilities. Priest Links How Jesus Made Disciples The reality, however, is that Jesus method of making disciples was focused more on […]