Sermon Coaching

“…it was probably my best sermon…”

— Jonathon B.

Make Your Next Sermon Better Before You Preach It

The common model for improving as a preacher is to receive feedback after you preach. But since the feedback will be for that sermon, it’s too late to make changes that count.

That’s why the best way to improve your sermon is to get feedback on it before you preach it.

As a sermon coach, I give you tips on your sermon before andafter you preach it. This way you can improve immediately, and for the long haul.

How Sermon Coaching Helps You Grow as a Preacher

1. Take the guesswork out of improving your preaching. The trial and error approach to preaching improvement gets tiring. Sermon coaching will target the most important areas for you to work on right away.

2. Get advice from someone you can trust. I have the best interests of you and your congregation in mind. I do this because I love to help preachers become more effective.

3. Discover which parts of your sermon don’t work before you confuse your audience. What makes perfect sense in your head doesn’t always make perfect sense to your audience. You will communicate more clearly after you get an extra set of eyes on your sermon.

4. Flag important interpretational issues before you miss them. With an extra set of eyes on your passage, you will safely navigate the interpretational mine field in front of you.

5. Grow in confidence. Gain the assurance that you really do have something to say! You have a message that your church needs to hear, and will be blessed to hear.

My Background Coaching Pastors on their Sermons

“You can read all the books on sermon prep, but having someone skilled to teach, instruct, and coach you in this area is invaluable. Eric critiqued my sermon notes, gave me some tips, and listened to my sermon with helpful feedback. I have grown as a preacher from just one coaching session, and I know our future sessions will be priceless.”

— Jason Hill, Lead Pastor of Gospel Life Church in New Braunfels, TX.

Having preached over 400 sermons, I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience that equips me to coach others. The lessons I’ve learned along the way have spilled over into more than 60 articles on preaching here at my blog. Many of my posts have been featured by top bloggers such as Justin Taylor, Tim Challies, Zach Nielsen, Trevin Wax, Thom Rainer, David Murray, and others.

Every week, I lead a preaching training seminar for the pastors and pastors-in-training at my church.

I’ve led small groups for Simeon Trust Workshops on Biblical Exposition. At these conferences for preaching improvement, pastors present sermon outlines in small groups, which are critiqued by other small group members, and the leader.

What to Expect from a Sermon Coaching Experience

Step 1: You will get a sermon outline template in your email. This tool guides the first part of the coaching process. We will also set up a personal phone conversation to become acquainted, and discuss plans and pricing.

Step 2: Using the sermon outline template, send a one-page, rough draft outline containing the key components of your sermon.

Step 3: You will get feedback on your rough draft outline – to make sure your interpretation is on the right track, your outline is tight, and your message will hit your congregation in their hearts.

Step 4: After you preach your sermon, I’ll listen to it carefully. We will compare your original outline to your delivered sermon to see how far you’ve come. You will also get feedback on your preaching delivery.

“When Eric first posted about his sermon coaching, I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted a skilled preacher to help me improve my preaching for the church I love. I hope to use Eric’s model to train men who are called to preach. Eric spent a generous amount of time on the phone with me, providing insightful encouragement and correction. I was greatly helped after just one session, and several months later I am still reaping the fruit of Eric’s help.”

— Jeremy Vander Galien, Pastor of Trinity Church in Ripon, WI.

My Promises to You

I promise to give you valuable feedback that will help you right away.

I promise to give you honest feedback, even if it stings for a couple seconds.

I promise to help you become the best preacher you can be. I’m not out to mold anyone into little John Pipers or Tim Kellers. I’m certainly not out to duplicate myself! I will listen for your unique strengths, and help you sharpen them.

I promise to be prompt in communication. You’re too busy to wait on me to get back to you.

I promise to give you a full refund if you feel that our coaching conversations didn’t help you.

What’s the Next Step?

To take the next step, email me to get your sermon outline template and request an introductory conversation. Just use the email form below, and I will get back to you shortly.