Free Ebook – “Show Then Tell: 52 Illustrations for Believing and Living the Gospel”


The beauty of Eric’s book is not just the numerous ready-to-preach illustrations, but the way he demonstrates how to find and use illustrations that advance the Gospel.

– David P. Murray, author of How Sermons Work.

I’m pleased to give away a free ebook, Show Then Tell: 52 Illustrations for Believing and Living the Gospel. It contains original, hand-crafted illustrations that will point the people you teach to Jesus. I hope you find it helpful.

This ebook is absolutely free. You don’t even have to subscribe to the blog.

Download Show Then Tell from the link below by doing a control + click (for Macs), or right click (for PCs), and then click “Save Link As”.

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Endorsements for Show Then Tell

“The beauty of Eric’s book is not just the numerous ready-to-preach illustrations, but the way he demonstrates how to find and use illustrations that advance the Gospel. This book will add spiritual antennae to your eyes and ears, enabling you to gather powerful sermon material from everyday life.”

David P. Murray, professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, author of How Sermons Work, and blogger at

“I have had the pleasure of serving alongside Eric McKiddie in ministry on and off for the past ten years. I have heard him preach countless times. I have worked alongside him to prepare messages and know the care he puts into connecting God’s Word to his listeners. This book is the fruit of that effort. Eric provides dozens of illustrations to open up deep theological and biblical realities to listeners. He makes scholarly truth available to the every-man in these pages. It is a resource to benefit any teacher or preacher.”

Barnabas Pipercolumnist for Worldmag.combloggerpodcaster, and author of a forthcoming book on growing up as a pastor’s kid.

“Eric McKiddie’s ebook, Show Then Tell, is a great help and gift to pastors who seek to not only teach, but also illustrate gospel realities. Each illustration is carefully chosen. He avoids being trite or cliché as he enhances each theological point with an example from nature, history, or popular culture. Here is a wonderful contribution for men who give themselves to careful biblical exposition, but often need some assistance with illustration.”

Jon Nielson, College Pastor at College Church, author of Bible Study: A Student’s Guide, and frequent speaker for the Simeon Trust Workshops on Biblical Exposition.

“We who have the greatest message in the world – the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection – ought to be the clearest and most compelling communicators. In his 52 Illustrations, McKiddie models such communication, raising the bar to a level that reaches toward the subject of our preaching.”

Chris Castaldo, Director of the Ministry of Gospel Renewal at the Billy Graham Center of Wheaton College, author of Holy Ground: Following Jesus as a Former Catholic, andregular contributor to the Gospel Coalition Blog.

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An excerpt from the book

Wondering what you will find inside? Here is a sample illustration to give you an idea of what the book is like.

Illustration #23: Religion is too dirty to wash away your sins.

“Kumbh Mela is a 55 day Hindu festival during which devotees bathe for the forgiveness of their sins at the meeting point of three rivers: the Ganges, the Yamuna and the mythical Sarasvati. This festival is the largest gathering of human beings on earth. Occurring every twelve years, more than 40 million people gathered in 2001, and experts estimate that 100 million will participate in 2013.

In American terms, this gathering is the equivalent of one third of the United States population traveling to bathe in the Mississippi River in a town one tenth the size of St. Louis.

It is ironic, however, that Hindus wash in the Ganges River for spiritual cleansing, since it ranks in the top five most polluted rivers on the planet. Dysentery, cholera, hepatitis, and severe diarrhea – which is one of the leading causes of death among children in India – can all be contracted from the river. Hindus seek ultimate cleansing from one of the filthiest places in the world.

In stark contrast, the Bible points us to the pure blood of Jesus for spiritual cleansing. He never sinned. He was the spotless lamb. Therefore he is able to wash away our sins.

More than that, we have no need to make a pilgrimage to him. He made the pilgrimage to us. No human effort can secure true forgiveness of sins. It is only received by grace through faith.

Compared to the purity of Jesus, all religious ritual is as dirty as the Ganges River. So seek forgiveness from the one who lived the perfect, pure life on your behalf.”

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