Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry

I’m excited to let you know that today marks the release of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide, edited by Cameron Cole and Jon Nielson. Cameron is the director of youth ministries at Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, AL and the chairman of Rooted Ministry, which seeks to advance grace-driven youth ministry and to equip […]

How to Read Fiction and Become a More Interesting Preacher

It’s been said many times that it’s a sin to be a boring preacher. But what is the opposite of a boring preacher? An entertaining preacher? An intellectually enlightening preacher? Or, heaven forbid, a good communicator? I’d trade those three for an interesting preacher every time. Of course you don’t want to be interesting just […]

The Minimalist Pastoral Library: 19 Book Recommendations for Those Starting Out

There are a million books on ministry out there. What few books will help you the most, right away? If you are just starting to build your library, this list will point you in some helpful directions. If you have a growing library, perhaps a recommendation or two will reveal a title that you haven’t […]

9 Websites That Will Save You Money at Conference Book Tables

This is the second of three posts leading up to the 2012 Together for the Gospel Conference. If you are more than a mere peruser of the book tables at conferences, this will be a money saver for you. Caution: you are entering a book buying temptation zone if you are going to T4G next […]

10 Benefits of Ebooks that Will Surprise You

Did you know that ebooks are even better than you think? There are obvious benefits to ebooks, with lower prices and portability topping out the list. But in my use of ebooks, I have noticed other benefits that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet. You may be thinking, “Is this the same guy who gave […]