How Our Small Groups Grew 30% in Just 8 Months

“It took me two years to find a small group,” a young lady at my church once told me. She stuck it out a long time until she finally got plugged into our church. But how many dozens of others came and left because they couldn’t meet people, build relationships, and experience community? I realized […]

3 Reasons Your Small Group Can Edify and Evangelize at the Same Time

Many churches believe their small groups must choose either an edification focus or an evangelistic focus. This argument goes that for small groups to be a place where mature Christians grow there needs to be deep theological conversation and regular accountability. These both require time and trust, which are hard to come by if new […]

Interesting Stats on Multisite Church Campuses

I recently came across the short ebook Multisite is Multiplying by Warren Bird and Kristin Walters, of Leadership Network. It contains many interesting stats about the current trends (as of 2010) of multisite churches. Topics covered include: How many churches have launched multisite campuses? Does multisite church ministry hurt church planting? What is the success rate of a multisite […]

7 Ways to Become an Entrepreneurial Pastor (Without Becoming a Risk-Taker or a Businessman)

More and more these days, we are hearing that successful pastors, especially church planters, need to be entrepreneurial. But what does that mean exactly? What does it not mean? In a previous post on this topic, I pointed to renowned business and management author, Peter Drucker, for a definition of entrepreneurship. He says an entrepreneur […]

What It Means to Be an Entrepreneurial Pastor

Entrepreneurship is one of the new, hot characteristics pastors are claiming for themselves. But many operate, I am afraid, on the wrong definition of an entrepreneur. Because they focus more on personality than skills, more and more pastors are slapping an “E” on their uniform, but can’t play ball. What entrepreneurship really is The entrepreneurial […]

5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Church By Thinking More Like a Church Plant

Brandon Levering has a great article at The Gospel Coalition entitled, “5 Ways Established Churches Should Think Like Plants.” If you’re looking for ways to reinvigorate the gospel impact of the church, you would do well to shift into the five church plant mentalities Brandon lists: 1. Church plants clearly define their mission and keep it […]

6 Types of Leaders Who Will Help Your Church Grow

When I was a kid, there was a wall at my grandparents’ house where all the grandkids marked their height through the years. I have over 25 cousins, so you can imagine all the little dashes with names and dates next to them. I never noticed I was growing. But every time we visited, I […]

6 Types of Leaders Who Stunt Your Church’s Growth

Growth is what every church needs. Good pastors plan, aim toward, and set goals for the right kind of growth. It will look different for your church compared to others, but it will include some combination of numerical and spiritual growth. Good pastors, however, don’t grow the church by making decisions unilaterally. They operate with […]