Interesting Stats on Multisite Church Campuses

I recently came across the short ebook Multisite is Multiplying by Warren Bird and Kristin Walters, of Leadership Network. It contains many interesting stats about the current trends (as of 2010) of multisite churches. Topics covered include: How many churches have launched multisite campuses? Does multisite church ministry hurt church planting? What is the success rate of a multisite […]

Can Shorter Prayers Be Better?

When it comes to prayer, according to Martin Luther, the shorter, the better. In Taking Hold of God: Reformed and Puritan Perspectives on Prayer, Brian G. Najapfour quotes Luther: “Our prayer must have few words, but be great and profound in content and meaning. The fewer the words, the better the prayer; the more words, the poorer the prayer. Few words […]

4 Ways to Overcome the Monday Preaching Hangover

Ever experience the Monday “preaching hangover”? Ever not experience it? Brian Croft, over at Practical Shepherding, has a great post answering the question: how do you overcome the Monday morning preaching hangover? He gives four ways: 1. Pray and read Scripture. 2. Know your limitations. 3. Exercise. 4. Assign yourself achievable tasks. Read the rest.

Something for Pastors to Remember on Monday Morning

“All things considered” is an ingredient that will tame the zing of a spicy Sunday church service. The sermon wasn’t that bad, considering that important visit to the hospital that ate up some prep time. The attendance at the evening service wasn’t that bad, considering it was the start of spring break. The singing wasn’t that bad, considering […]