Find a Task List System That Fits Your Personality

This is the fifth and final article in series on How to Get Organized. Be sure to hit up Part 1, 2, 3, and 4. The last mile of getting organized is pulling together all the tasks you have to get done into a single place, and to start plowing through them, one by one. […]

How To Set Up Your Files for Efficient and Effective Sermon Prep

This is the fourth article in a series on How to Get Organized in Pastoral Ministry. Don’t forget to read articles one, two, and three! When it comes to filing, there are two kinds of pastors in the world. Black hole filers keep everything, but the stuff will never see light again. Anti-filers don’t file […]

You Don’t Have to Be a Neat-Freak to Stay Organized

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5 Nerdy Tools That Will Make You an Organizational Jock

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3 Signs You’re Not as Organized as You Think

Your empty desk and dewey decimal worthy bookshelves might be fooling you into thinking you’re organized. The truth is that your physical environment is only part of what needs organizing. Information, commitments, resources, ideas, and goals all have a place where they need to be put. Mere tidiness is faux organization. Why even worry about […]