10 Ways to Pastor Your Church that Will Never Be Obsolete

Technology – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse – affects how pastors shepherd their churches more than ever before. Many of us preach from digital mini-pulpits through blogs and social media. Our members, when they are sick our out of town, hear our preaching through ear buds or watch us on Vimeo. These […]

How Your Devotional Life Flavors Your Ministry Life

If you haven’t read Paul Tripp’s Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry, I can’t recommend it to you highly enough. It’s vintage Tripp: punchy, pithy, and full of gospel glory. Here’s a passage on the pastor’s devotional life (p. 35): I am more and more convinced that what gives a ministry its motivations, […]

5 Enemies of the Productive Church Planter

This is a guest post by Jeff Brewer, lead pastor of Hope Fellowship in Lombard, IL (Acts 29). Hope is the most recent church plant of College Church. Jeff also wrote “10 Things to Remember After a Missions Trip” for The Resurgence blog. You can follow him on Twitter.  With so many tasks to be completed […]

Subject Yourself to a Pastoral Punch to the Gut from D.A. Carson

D.A. Carson is like Mike Tyson from the Nintendo game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. At least, when it comes to convicting pastors of how much sanctification we need. For those of you who never played the original Nintendo (dating myself, I know), Tyson was the only opponent in the game who could knock you down with one  punch, […]

The Most Important Productivity Tool for Pastors Is…

…your knees. “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” (James 5:16). A lot of us are at the beginning of a very busy week. I’m the kind of guy who gets to work, and then half an hour later remembers that I haven’t prayed about my work yet. Bring […]

Are You Overlooking the Most Essential Element of an Effective Sermon?

I’m incurably skinny. I rocked a 6 foot, 145 pound frame in college. One time I broke the 150 mark, but it took lifting till I ached and eating till I wanted to puke. Then I lost all seven pounds during summer break, since I lost my access to a gym. Ever feel that way […]

Can Shorter Prayers Be Better?

When it comes to prayer, according to Martin Luther, the shorter, the better. In Taking Hold of God: Reformed and Puritan Perspectives on Prayer, Brian G. Najapfour quotes Luther: “Our prayer must have few words, but be great and profound in content and meaning. The fewer the words, the better the prayer; the more words, the poorer the prayer. Few words […]

7 Prayer Lists You Already Have

The problem with prayer lists is that we feel productive after making one, even if don’t get around to actually praying. That’s like drafting a fantasy football team and never setting your roster the whole season (don’t you hate that guy?). Only this is worse, since the people in your church are real. So time is […]