5 Benefits of a Well-Structured Small Group Ministry

Where a sphere of ministry is primarily focused on relationships, that ministry tends to have an organic emphasis. So, in regard to small groups, it’s not so much a matter whether the ministry will be organic, but how much structure will the leader of the ministry provide. It’s a matter of how intentional the landscaping […]

3 Great Options for Small Group Curriculum

“What do your small groups use for curriculum?” It’s the second question you get asked if you’re in charge of small groups at your church, right after “How many groups do you have?” Choosing what your small groups study may be more important than you think. Ministry leaders may seek to provide freedom to their groups by […]

What Small Groups Do Best

In my article today at Christianity.com, What Small Groups Do Best, I discuss two good things small groups do that should not be the main thing you aim for, and then the one thing that small groups are best for. Here’s a preview: The motto, “good is the enemy of great” applies as much to […]

How Our Small Groups Grew 30% in Just 8 Months

“It took me two years to find a small group,” a young lady at my church once told me. She stuck it out a long time until she finally got plugged into our church. But how many dozens of others came and left because they couldn’t meet people, build relationships, and experience community? I realized […]

5 Common Small Group Myths

This is a guest post by Steven Lee, Pastor of Small Groups and Community Outreach at College Church in Wheaton, IL. You can follow him on Twitter at @5tevenLee. What you believe about your small group will dictate how you approach potential problems when they arise. If you buy a house knowing it will be […]

10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Silence in Your Small Group

A big challenge all small group leaders face is to keep the conversation flowing. The easiest groups, of course, are the ones where everyone comes bubbling over with how they’ve been growing spiritually. But the reality is that people often come with guards up, struggles getting them down, or just so wrapped up in getting […]

A Small Group Ministry Book Review: “Creating Community” by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits

Having just started a role where I am responsible for revitalizing and leading a small group ministry, I have begun reading the most popular books on small groups. I have intentionally snagged books from churches from a wide philosophy of ministry range. I hope to learn and glean from pastors who are outside my box. […]

How to Do Accountability in Your Small Group, Even If There Are Visitors

A commenter raised a good question in my previous post on doing both edification and evangelism in your small group. It was one of those comments that bloggers really appreciate. He engaged with a point I was actually trying to make, and he presented his counter point with sincerity. As I typed out my answer in […]

3 Reasons Your Small Group Can Edify and Evangelize at the Same Time

Many churches believe their small groups must choose either an edification focus or an evangelistic focus. This argument goes that for small groups to be a place where mature Christians grow there needs to be deep theological conversation and regular accountability. These both require time and trust, which are hard to come by if new […]